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A thousand miles across, twenty-five miles above the Earth's surface.  Massive clawing scratches were visible along the length of its underside.  The object was named Obsidian Sky

Women around the world began giving birth to babies with an odd set of mutations, who were soon designated "CX5".

Our story begins 30 years later. 

OBSIDIAN SKY is about a divide that cuts humanity in two. Our characters include Venus, the most popular pop star in the world, who is also a CX5. Her lovers are Tom, a police officer with the NYPD, and Andrew, a CX5 activist. When the tides of power on Earth begin to turn, our characters' lives and humanity's future are thrown into uncertainty.



Featuring the following performers

Anatol Yusef, Margot Bingham, Mark Tallman, Shane Tunney
Joe Caniano, Natalie Knepp, Christiane Seidel, Chase Bolnick, Gayle Samuels
Jennifer Dorr White, Dan Chen, Ann Marie Yoo, Cherie Mendez
John Lyne-Pirkis, Robert Manning Jr., Guy Whitlock, Liz Larsen
Amir & Aden Dixon, Tony Rossi, Mick Leroy, Lucia Grillo

Written & directed by James Lawler

Co-written by Cristine Chambers

Produced by Sam Marine & Blake Ashman-Kipervaser

Visual effects designed by Guillaume Renier & Breakiron Studios

Director of photography Mike Simpson

Music by Christopher Hoag

Sound design by Ryan McBride

1st AC Ben Spaner

Sound mixer Brett Ainslie

Gaffer Mark Sherman

Grip Alberto Sala

Costume designer Olga Mills

Costume assistant Jena Goldberg

CX5 design by Fausto de Martini

Art directors David Meyer, Alina Smirnova, Mar Urrestarazu

SFX makeup Joshua Turi

SFX makeup assistant Greg Pikulski

Hair & makeup Mina Ghorashi


Patrick Fahrner, Alan Uhl, Hana Porter, Callie Jensen, Ivory Sherman


The voiceover at the end of the teaser features a passage from philosopher Annie Dillard's essay "This is the life". Link to full essay (highly recommended):